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"Bro has the best beats around...
...Really love the sound and the company."

Danny Maze @dannymaze252
Orlando, FL

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  • 10,000 Digital Streams
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have To License Music?

Licensing music allows you to use our musical content without infringing our copyrights. It also helps you avoid any legal issues with our company.

What Rights Will I Have?

You can distribute your project on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Radio, Public Performances and other digital marketplaces depending on license type.

Will I Own The Beat?

No. We retain all copyrights to our musical content. However, you will have rights to the song that you create with our beats.

How Do I Get Full Rights?

Our Pro License offers full licensing rights and unlimited usage.

How do refunds work?

We cannot offer refunds on digital products at this time.

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